The CEO and founder of Demlakian Engineers, Ken has over 40 years of experience in the civil, structural and hydraulic engineering fields. Having graduated from The University of Sydney with First Class Honours and being awarded the University prize in Structures & Design, Ken has spent the entirety of his professional career providing innovative design and rectification services at the highest level.

A dedicated Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Ken’s unyielding commitment to the profession has been recognised by his peers. Renown in the industry for his in-depth expertise, lateral problem solving and second-to-none property and construction knowledge, Ken has helped countless clients across the residential, commercial, industrial and government spheres, to deliver significant cost savings with his expert design acumen.

Considered an all-round property and construction expert, Ken frequently appears as an expert witness in litigation matters where he provides timely service, efficient support and independent advice to his Clients with overwhelming success. Ken’s dynamic, hands-on approach to all that he sets out to achieve has solidified Demlakian as a leader in the engineering and rectification industry.